Do you find it challenging to keep up in today’s ever-changing world of technology?  

How can we discern which tech tools will help us engage our students in today’s 21st Century Classroom?

The tech tool platforms I have selected are:

1) User Friendly

2) Offer free versions, with paid pro upgrade options

3) Engaging

I have divided my selections into three categories:

Interactive Discussion Boards

Interactive Resource Platforms

Interactive Presentation Platforms

Several of my favorite tech tools platforms... 

Let’s play with a purpose.  Today's assistants are:

Brittany Mathews, Frostburg Student Educators Association President: QR code station.

Macayla Wiles, FSEA Secretary: Nearpod station.

Megan Graves, FSEA Community Events Leader:  Padlet and Stormboard

Nichelle Smith, Watts Scholar Recipient: Symbaloo

Teresa Colella, Watts Scholar Runner-Up: Symbaloo

I will be available to provide assistance for any of the remaining platforms.

Contact information:

Kris McGee, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Literacy, Frostburg State University

Twitter: @DrKMcGee


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Playing with a Purpose: Tech Tools in Action

by kmcgee678


Public - 10/8/16, 6:05 PM