Rugby was introduced in the early 1870's by British residents 

 each team can carry , pass or kick the ball to the end zone to score as many points as possible. both of the teams are allowed seven replacements per game

the game is played with two teams with fifteen players
at a time

a game of rugby has two periods of 40 minutes in between the two halves there is a maximum 10 minutes which the two teams change sides of the field

one of the teams do a try witch is worth 5 points is scored when one of the teams grounds the ball in the other teams in-goal than a conversion is attempted either by place or drop kicking the ball

the dimension of the rugby field is not to be grater than 144 meters long with the dead ball line and the width cant be grater than 70 meters .

everyone should be in this mindset : being alert , being coordinated , determined and committed .

eye gouge , low blow , elbowing , tripping , throwing or knocking the ball forwards .

rugby is a full-contact sport so to play rugby you'll need head protection , mouth guard , upper body protection , rugby shirts and shorts and rugby boots  

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