The marathon originated in Greece in the 5th century B.C. but in 1984 Patrick Bauer went for a walk through the Sahara Desert and wanted others to have the same experience that he had.  Two years later in 1986 he came up with the 'Marathon of the sands'. 

Rules and Players

The rules are you have to carry a bag of everything except water in a backpack and you must be self-sufficient. They supply you with a tent, but everything else must me carried. Anyone can participate and you can choose to participate with a team or on your own.


The length of the Des Sables Marathon is 156 miles or 251 km. It is 7 days long and has 7 stages.

Stage 1: learning the road book

Day 2- Stage 2: 35.5 km (22 miles)

Day 3- Stage 3: 40 km (25 miles)

Day 4- Stage 4: 82.2 km (51 miles)

Day 5- Stage 5: Rest Day

Day 6- Stage 6: 42.2 km (26 miles)

Day 7- Stage 7: 21.1 km (13 miles)

Scoring and Field

There isn't an actual score marathons are based on how fast your time is. The smaller the number the better you are. In the Des Sables Marathon they run through the Sahara Desert through the difficult conditions with the temperature and supplies they need.


Before you join you want to make sure to have good foot preparation. You should have the soles in your shoes toughened weeks before the marathon. There are many dropouts that are due to lack of water and blisters on their feet. You have to know what to do under certain circumstances like weather. You also have to have a plan whether you should run or walk when you should rest or when you should eat.

Equipment and Penalties

You are allowed to have a traveling bag that has a maximum weight of 20 kg or 44 lbs. You want to have something warm for night, shorts and a t-shirt for the day, and a hat to avoid heat stroke. You may also want a gaiter which are an over shoe that covers your ankles.

After 30 minutes every minute you are late you will have a penalty of that time.If you don't have required equipment you will be disqualified, and if you take more equipment than the 44 lbs. you will also be disqualified. 


In the Des Sables Marathon anyone can race. There have been people who have ran it from the ages of 16-78. Marathons in general are in the Olympics, professionals, and World Championships. 


For certain age groups and genders you have to get a certain time to qualify, but sometimes you can enter a lottery and if you win you can race. You also need to meet a certain criteria in order to participate

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