Human Impact

By Kyle LaTorre

Aswan High Dam

Use Of Chemicals/Growth Of The Mosquito Population Have Raised Diseased Level.

Traditional Farming Practices Ruined: Chemicals Needed To Replace Silt.
Hundreds Forced To Move: Lost Their Homes, Ancient Sites Covered In Water.

Increased Potential For Earthquakes.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

In 1989

Oil Tanker Crashed On March 24th 1989.

 At The Time The U.S's Greatest Oil Spill.

Effected Remote Area Near Alaska Called

 Prince William Sound.

Hurt The Salmon Trade

Captain Of The Ship Was Asleep

 When The Tanker Hit A Reef.

BP Oil Spill

In 2010

Recognized As The Worst Oil Spill In U.S History

4.9 Million Barrels Spilled

Caused By Faulty Equipment

And Cost Cutting Measures

Has Greatly Hurt The Shrimp Industry

Environmental Impact

The Ring Of Fire

A String Of Volcanoes And Sites Of Seismic Activity

Around The Pacific Ocean

Hurricane Matthew

Major Tropical Storms Usually Originating

In The Atlantic Ocean

It Hit Florida, North And South Carolina, Parts Of Virginia And Haiti.

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