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Where it came from and Who plays it.

    Wrestling came from the Sumerians 5,000 years ago. Then after that in Ancient Egypt there were drawing in the tombs of Beni-Hassan, and in the picture it showed 400 wrestlers. Meanwhile in Greece wrestling was a form of science and art.

Ancient Greece Facts                          Ancient Egypt Facts 

  1. In Ancient Greece all free male Greek citizens have to participate in the Olympics(Doesn't matter what there social status was.)
  2. The Ancient Olympics lasted 5 days.
  3. To keep score in the Ancient Olympics, they would have a judge present. if not they would use a chart and use mathematics from that time period.
  1. In Egypt there are Tomb drawing about wrestling and other games and wars.
  2. The Egyptians who played in sports like these (dangerous or not) they train themselves to become better and stronger and over power the opponent.
  3. They first started wrestling and hen other places 


  1. They had to put on olive oil on themselves so it would be fair and they can get a better grip.
  2. No punching, or gouge their eyes, face with fingernails, tripping or biting.

How the sport is played.

  1. One of the wrestling games is called Kato Pale, which is ground fighting and until one of them give up by raising his arm and pointing his index finger to admit that there defeated.





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Japan-Wrestling by Madison Major

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