CT Scans, PET Scans, & MRIs

BY: Elizabeth Garcia

CT Scans

-CT Scans are used to find injuries that people have internally.

-Like for example people used this when having a sever car accident. 

-CT scans are used to visualize nearly all parts of the bodies to check if the person has any diseases or injuries.

Doctors Recommendation 

  • Doctors recommend a CT scan because you may be diagnose with muscle and bone disorders, diseases or tumors.
  • Tells you where the tumor or diseases are located.
  •  This monitors the effectiveness of certain diseases or cancers,
  • Detects internal bleeding and internal injuries.
  • Cost $896 

PET Scans

  • A PET scan is a tracer that is injected by and IV needle inserted inside threw the elbow. 
  • The IV travels through your blood and is collected in the organs an tissues.
  • A person is needed to wait for it to be absorbed all over their body, which takes up to 1 hour.

Doctors Recommindation

  • Reveals size, shape, position, and some functions of organs
  • Checks the function of the brain
  • Diagnoses cancer, heart problems, and brain disorders 
  • See how much cancer has spread
  • Shows areas in which the how poor the blood has flows to the heart
  • Determines if the mass of your lungs are cancerous or harmless. 
  • Cost nearly about $2,000


  • You will be told to lay down on a narrow that will slide you into a large tunnel-shape scanner.
  • You will have small devices called coils, which are placed around the head, arm,or legs, or areas that are gonna be studied.
  • These test last about 30 - 60 minutes but may take longer. 

Doctor Recommendation 

  • MRI scans are used to take clearer pictures and they are used to scan and look at curtain kinds of tissue and organs of the body. 
  • Preparing for an MRI is used for many reasons most doctors recommend for you to have MRIs so you will know if you have any cancerous tumors or any kinds of diseases in your body 
  • The cost is about $2,611


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