strategic review

dailymotion has unique assets

  1. - worldwide streaming capability
  2. - ability to handle a big volume of partner
  3. - competitve player
  4. - world class talents
  5. - free content and distribution

we have a great business model !

Our goal is to serve both our partners and viewers

Value proposition for viewers:

- free content to watch : ad based model with content provided for free by our partners

- content recommendation: recommendation to surface the most relevant part of our catalo

Value proposition for partners:

- best in class cloud player for free: 

- monetization:revshare+P1

- distribution: publishing content on dailymotion is a way to reach a boarder audience

Benefit for us:

- we get fresh content for free

- we can reach any audience without having to currate content

- benefit from exclusive content & lock partners

- benefit from partner's distribution capabilities

- opportunity to convert & engage our audience once they land on dailymotion content. 

Our business model is based on a virtuous circle

Onsite and Offsite are closely dependent 

Virtuous circle:

More Viewers -->More Content--> More Viewers

While we have been able to create value for our partners, we have not been able to grow our audience onsite

Retention and engagement onsite is too low to maintain the "circle"

Poor algorithm

Poor UX

Poor execution

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