Snowboarding in Slovenia

Snowboarding was was founded in the 1960s in the united states. 

The rules of snowboarding are to 

get out of the way of  other snowboarders,

don't go on trails you are not to suppose to go on.

Make sure to have someone with you in case you get hurt, and be prepared cause you don't

 know if it will be cold out, also make sure to wear a helmet. 

There can be a lot of people snowboarding at onetime.

The reason why is  because its a big amount of space on the mountain. 

The length of Freestyle Snowboarding. 

In Freestyle Snowboarding there is four rounds. You have four chances to get a good score so you can win. If you win you might get prize.

 Freestyle Snowboarding  is the most popular kind of freestyle. 

To score in Freestyle Snowboarding you have to do cool tricks so you get more points. Also the judges grade you on how well you did the tricks. One important thing is that you can not fall or you loose points.

There is a couple of boundaries for Freestyle Snowboarding. One boundary is you have to stay inside the the flags/cones or trail.   

There are a lot of strategy's for Snowboarding. One strategy is to make sure you practice cause you can get hurt. Also another good strategy is to  do tricks that you can do. 

If a snowboarder doesn't finish his run he will get a time penalty. Another penalty is if you cut in front of someone you get a penalty.  

For snowboarding you need a snowboard, worm cloths, and a helmet to protect your head. 

Snowboarding is in the Olympics, competitions, and professional. Those are a couple of leagues in snowboarding.  

Snowboarding has changed a lot since the 1960s. The boards have changed and the equipment that we use to snowboard in.

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