Great Britain

 The slider pushes their sled about 40 meters before diving headfirst on the sled and tuck their arms and legs in. The sliders go at least 90 miles per hour down a track made of ice. The only way to turn the sled is by leaning in a direction, no steering wheel. The only way to stop is to run out of slope or crash. 

 British Skeleton originated in 1887 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. Originally, the British Bob Skeleton Association had a goal to help the sport grow in popularity. In 2000, the association decided that they needed a home to match it's goals. Eventually they moved it to the southern coast of Bath to take advantage of their sports facilities- and the countries only push start track. Alex Coomber won an Olympic bronze medal for Great Britain in 2002 in Salt Lake City. It was Britain's first medal for Skeleton since it was introduced, and it wouldn't be the last.

At the end of the 19th century, the toboggans were inspired by Canadian and Indian sleds that were used for transportation. Additions have been made into the sleds that are now used. 

There is only one rider, using a sled to get down the ice track as quickly as possible. 

The track is 0.79 miles long and has 12 different turns. 


The suit is made from Lycra, which is tight fitting and light and keeps the rider comfortable. It has to be fit to the rider so that there is no loose pieces flapping in the wind. 

The helmet is specially designed to protect the rider from impact but also light so that it doesn't get heavy when it hits corners at 5G speeds. 

The athletes shoes have brush spikes on the bottoms, with more than 300 spikes on them. The spikes grip the ice when the rider is running down the track to get a start. 

Leagues, Rules & Scoring

Skeleton is preformed in the Winter Olympics with the BBSA and Team Bath.

The athlete can take four runs, and then all four are added together. If the rider doesn't make it over the finish line, then the run doesn't count. And if they aren't on their stomach, then they can be disqualified. 

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Skeleton in Great Britain

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