The mass of neptune 

The mass of neptune is 1.02 x 10 26kg or if you would right it would be 102,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, kg neptune has 17 times as much mass as earth

Compared to earth

Neptune compared to earth is 3.9 times bigger than earth

Neptunes size

Neptune is the 4 largest planet it's diameter is 49,500 km it is much larger than the terestial planets (mercurary venus earth mars).

Neptune's orbit around the sun 

165 years for one orbit

Neptune rotation

It takes15 hours, 57 minutes, and 59 seconds

Neptune's atmosphere

Neptune's atmosphere is made up predominately of hydrogen and helium, with some methane. The methane is part of what gives Neptune its brilliant blue tint, as it absorbs red light and reflects bluer colors

Neptune's temperature

Neptune is one of the two planets classified as an "ice giant." Like Uranus, its composition is made up more heavily of ices than the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn

Neptune's Moons

Triton, Nereid, Proteus, Larissa, Galatea, Naiad,

Thalassa, Despiana, Neso, Halimede are some of the moons of neptune

Neptune Hubble space station

picture from earth

this is from the telescope from earth

the reason why I chose this planet is because I thought

it was intersecting and I like the color  


No one has been to Neptune because it is a gas giant. The unmanned Voyager 2 probe, which flew by the planet on August 25, 1989.

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