Swimming in China 

There are many different ways to get disqualified. In all events you could get disqualified if you touch the bottom of the pool or fail to finish the race. There are other ways to get disqualified depending on which event you are swimming.   

Swimming originated in Egypt in  1880's and became an organized sport in the 1900's.

Swimming starts off with multiple people on diving blocks, when a gun is shot the swimmers dive off and begin the race. They must touch each wall as they come to it. At the end they stay in the water until everyone is finished. Swimming is scored by how fast you swim. The swimmer with the fastest time wins. 


Equipment used for swimming consists of goggles, swim cap, starting blocks, swim suit and touch pad. 


Swimming is a big sport around the world, there are swim clubs inside and outside of schools. Swimming is also a well known sport in the Olympics. 

Since it was originated swimming has expanded. Now there are multiple events when in the early 1900's there was only the 50 freestyle.  Furthermore, in the early 1960's swim caps and goggles were invented making the swimmers faster. A flip turn for freestyle was invented in 1965. 



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