Triathlon in Costa Rica

The first Triathlon that includes bike/swim/run was held in Mission Bay, San Diego California on September 25, 1974.

General Rules:

-No headphones can be used doing the race

-No glass containers may be used doing competition

-If race number provided you must wear it doing your face

 -You  must not receive assistance of any kind other than the help provided by the race organizers


-You may use any stoke, treat water, float, stand or rest on inanimate object at any time. You may not use the bottom or other objects to move forward

-You can not wear fins or snorkels,  but you may wear a wetsuit if it falls within a specified guidelines


-You must wear an helmet at all times

-You must obey the rules of the rules unless directed by a police  or certified official

-You cannot follow within 30 ft (10cm) of another bike (drafting) may not ride within 5 ft to the side of another bike (blocking). You may break these rules only to pass and have a maximum of 15 seconds to enter the 10m/ 1.5m zone and complete the pass on the left and be out of the 10m zone.


 You can run or walk, but you may not crawl.

How many players are involved?

A Triathlon is more like a race not a game, it depends on how many people sign up or qualify .

Length of a triathlon is hard to say but in the late 1980s,  0.9 miles of swimming, 24.8 miles of cycling and 6.2 miles of running.

How do you score? It's a race, based on how fast you run, swim, and bike. It's not really scoring.

In the race, you have to swim 2.4 miles. You have to run 26.2 miles. And you will have to bike 112 miles.

When started your first triathlon, you will run a lot, 12 weeks to practice your first race. In the beginning to practice you must need a bike, swim suit, goggles, and a cap if you have long hair. If you are in shape that's a basic strategy, if not you will have to work super hard.

Equipment for Triathlon:

-Bike/ bike helmet/ bike shorts

-Shoes for running and biking.

-Swim suit/ goggles/ cap for long hair

-Water bottle


-Sports watch


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