John William Coltrane 

By Peter Fogarty

Nicknamed "Trane"

Born: September 23rd, 1926

From: Hamlet, North Carolina

Died:July 17th, 1967 from liver cancer.

Got his love of music from his father who could play several instruments but died in 1939 from stomach cancer. Many other relatives of his died that year too.

Learned to play the saxophone at 13 and showed talent at an early age. He loved to imitate the sounds of Charlie Parker and Johnny Hodges. After his father died his family moved up to New Jersey to find a better job for his mother, he stayed in Hamlet with family friends and graduated high school.

He was then called to duty in the navy in Hawaii for a year.

This was also where he recorded his first song in. It was with a bunch of fellow sailors.

Before he went into the navy he studied at Granoff Studios and Ornstein School of Music.

He then played with many big musicians like Dizzy Gillespie and Duke Ellington brought him on his to replace Johnny Hodges but was cut off due to his dependency to drugs.

He played in Miles Davis's group. They recorded big  albums like "Round about midnight". He was fired after a while because he had still not given up heroin. After a a while he finally kick his drug habit he played a stint with Thelonios Monk he decided to go off on his own.

He then "Found his sound" which included his ability to play several notes at once.

In his group he married a jazz pianist they were known for albums like like "Love Supreme" that won Grammies for the saxophonist and jazz composition.

Before he was in a group he record solo albums.

His final album was finished one day before he died as a well known saxophonist who added different cultures into his songs.

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John Coltrane

by pfog1118


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