Who is the main drug supplier in drug trafficking into the U.S.A?

This is the distribution of cocaine into U.S.A 

Source #1

The U.S. Mexico border is the main entrance for drug smugglers smuggling cocaine into the U.S.. 65% of cocaine is smuggled there.The most coca is harvested in Bolivia and other Andean nations. It is refined to cocaine to sell in the U.S. and other countries.

 A cocaine trafficker can earn an estimate of $150 million per year. Mostly undeveloped countries are the main source to selling cocaine to the more developed countries.This gives the, an economic foothold through estimated $400 billion in profit per year. U.S. is one of the biggest customers for these drug selling countries. It has created organized crime in these undeveloped countries. (SOURCE#2)

Drug Trafficking is a dangerous, illegal profession. It is 8% of the World's trade revenue and is extremely profitable.(SOURCE#3)

Some countries even did it to try to cripple the U.S.A economy. (SOURCE #5)


Trafficking Cocaine

28-200 g.: Mandatory 3 yrs. and minimum $10,000;

200-400 g.: Mandatory 5 yrs. and minimum $15,000;

Over 400 g.: mandatory 10 yrs. and minimum $25,000;

Maximum sentence life; maximum fine $100,000. Trafficking: double penalties.


Trafficking Cocaine

Transport/import 3-5 yrs.;

County to noncontinuous county: 3, 6, or 9 yrs.


Trafficking Cocaine

All sentencing is to be done pursuant to sentencing guidelines: 28-200 g.: $50,000 and 3 yrs.;

200-400 g.: $100,000 and 7 yrs.;

400 g.-150 kg.: 15 yrs. and $250,000;

Over 150 kg.: 1st degree felony with life imprisonment


Trafficking Cocaine

Trafficking drugs in 1st degree; Delivery associated/attempt to deliver: 150-450 g.: Class A felony: More than 450 g.: Class A felony term without parole; 2-6 g: cocaine base (crack): Class A felony; Over 6 g.: Class A felony, term without parole;

Trafficking in 2nd degree: Buying/ attempting to buy: 150-450 g.: Class B felony;More than 450 g.: Class A felony;

2-6 g. cocaine base (crack): Class B felony;

Over 6 g.: Class A felony (SOURCE#4) 

Drug trafficking into the U.S. is mostly smuggled in on the Mexican-American boarder by countries in South and Central  America. Drug smuggling is a dangerous job but extremely profitable. Countries use it to get economical equality with other countries.

Tom Simplot

English 8 P. 7

29 April 2016

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