Sports Enterprise * Penultimate class

GUESS: How many total words filed in team package?

Write down your guess.

If we're going to publish this...

Who wants to get their piece published?
  • Address issues I raised
  • Trim significantly--mainbar to 1k or less, others 500-750
  • Consider merging stories (pick 1 person to rewrite):
    • Chenault/Greenwood + Morgan/Alex
    • Evan + Nicole/Ashleigh
    • Jordan + Glenda/Bryan

  • Decide by class time Thursday; we'll discuss then
  • Final rewrite deadline: Tuesday 12/6

General comments

  • Way long
  • Really good reporting, finding quotable kids
  • Proofread/grammar
  • Go back and make sure the lede fits the story
  • Mission statement: remember what you're writing and why you're writing it

The future

What does the career landscape look like from where you sit?

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Sports Enterprise 11/29

by welchsuggs


Public - 11/29/16, 1:15 PM