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Finding Open Positions

Task: Browse job listing and select an ad for the type of position you'd like to apply to when you finish your degree.

Submit the full-text of the job ad on BlackBoard.



"Your resume is a sheet of paper that represents you as a professional"

work experience, summary of qualifications and skills, achievements, volunteer or community work, education, keywords and any other important information

Work Experience

-Use bullet points and active verbs

-Emphasize skills that relate to prospective job

-Focus on results & quantify wherever possible

-Use numbers rather than words

e.g. increased sales by 23%, generated $14,000 in new business, trained 8 new employees


Chronological: In time order, beginning with the most recent positions

Functional: Grouped by type of work performed

Hybrid: A combination of chronological and functional

Summarizing Your Qualifications

Objective statements are no longer recommended by most HR professionals

You may opt to include a Professional Summary or Highlights section summarizing your key strengths and career history


Readable - type size, white space

Scannable - organization, hierarchy, keywords, length

Professional - typefaces, language, editing

Compelling - content, style


-One page (2 for 10+ years of experience) with reasonable font size, margins, and sufficient white space

-Be consistent: formatting, margins, tense, etc.

-Include full name and contact information (email)

-Optional: street address or city, phone, website or linkedin

-Do not include objective or "references available upon request"

-Include detail (dates, grades, etc.) and order sections to best showcase your strengths

Task: Create a resume with Ladders Resume Builder

Submit draft on BlackBoard.

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