Field Hockey in Scotland

Field Hockey in Scotland

The sport Field Hockey originated in England, Scotland, and the Netherlands in the mid 19th century.  

Field Hockey is just like Street Hockey and Ice Hockey. You have a stick and a ball, two goals, and your team try's to get the ball into the other teams goal. 

11 players play at a time but in all there are 16 players on the team.

A Field Hockey Game lasts about  35 mins then half time is 7 mins then 35 mins again . So it comes up to 77 mins. If there is a tie you play for another 7 mins.

To score a goal in Field Hockey you hit the ball towards the other teams goal. 

The field dimensions for field hockey are 91.4 by 55.0 meters  (100 yd × 60 yd) with an area of 5,027 square meters (1.24 acres).


 A foot foul is called anytime your foot touches the ball.

An obstruction foul is called if you have possession of the ball and use your body to block an opposing player from getting to the ball.

A penalty stroke is called for preventing a team from scoring a probable goal — a ball that would have otherwise gone directly into the goal — by committing a foul inside the shooting circle to get the ball out.


The Equipment used is Cleats, Shin Guards, whatever clothing that's comfy to you.

Field Hockey Sticks, Ball and Goals,plus the Field, and Goalie Equipment.

Some Tactics for Field Hockey is 

Trapping and Receiving






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