One of the leagues that Triathlon is used in is the Olympics.

Another one of the leagues that triathlon is used in is the Paralympic.

Different Triathlons

The length of Triathlon depends on how long the race is. 

The choices that you could chose from could be Try a Tri , Sprint , Standard , Middle , and Long.  


Some equipment used in a Triathlon is a bike, bike shorts, flat kit bag, helmet, goggles, digital sports watch, race belt, wet suit, sunglasses, running shoes, Tri suit, running hat, transition towel, water bottle, and a wet suit lubricant.

Strategy for Triathlon

 The most important strategy while in a Triathlon is to pace yourself.

Another strategy is to make sure you stretch before the Triathlon starts.

Changes in this sport

Triathlon was invented as an alternative workout and then Triathlon was brought to the Olympics.

Triathlon became more popular over the years.


In Triathlon there really is not scoring. The way that you win a Triathlon is by crossing the finish line.


Swimming Rules

1. Athletes can use any stroke

2. Athletes have to follow the course

3. Athletes can rest by holding an object such as a buoy or stationary boat

4. During an emergency athletes must wave there arms in the air to get help, and pulled from the competition

Cycling Rules

1. Athletes can not block other athletes

2. Athletes can not cycle with a bare torso

3. Athletes can not make forward progress, without being in possession of the bike

4. Athletes have to obey all traffic regulations for the event, unless a Technical Official says otherwise  

Running Rules

There were no rules for the running part of the Triathlon on the websites I found.


Athletes leaving the field have to leave without gaining any advantages or else the athletes will face a time penatly.

If during a mount or dismount man oeuvre an athlete lose a shoe or any piece of equipment they will be faced with a penatly. 

Field Dimensions and players

There is no limit of people, but you have to qualify for the sport.

The first ever Triathlon had a 2.4 mile swim a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.219 mile marathon.

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