Riyaaz-FaradayMotion Discussion

India Scenario

  1. Charging price: 1 kWh cost 4 Rs in India. An Indian brand vehicle would need 10 kWh power for 100 km. So it would require 40 Rs per 100 km. Oil prices in India are around 75 Rs per liter which will drive the vehicle to 15 km. So to go 100 km with oil would cost 10 times more as compared to EV.
  2. Companies in India
    1. Aether-Energy: Developing a scooter. Based in Bangalore. Founders are Indian.
    2. Asia-Electric: Two Dutch founders in partnership with the company from Europe called: New-motion building charging stations business in India.
    3. Xiaomi: China's mobile maker has launched a foldable cycle. Press release is here. The cost of the vehicle is around 500 Euros.

Education programme-Outline

To include a full course on designing a vehicle based on industry level product specification. 

Following are the chapters:

  1. Starting from CAD in ONSHAPE
  2. Simulation in SIMSCALE
  3. Electronics/IoT design in Hackster.io
  4. Prototype development using 3D printing
  5. Testing process, cost and equipments

References of companies

  1. Faraday Future: High-end car design comparable to Tesla from china
  2. Atieva: Another Chinese firm with modular vehicle design concept
  3. TheThingsNetwork: The Kickstarter crowd-sourced IoT network from Amsterdam
  4. Perrinn: The crowd-sourced F1 car design 
  5. India related companies are referred in the first slide: "India Scenario."


  • To explore the education module [Bootstrapping mode]
  • To explore the development of Faraday-motion skateboard and see its response in India [Bootstrapping mode]
  • To explore the development of customized prototype and its response in India [Bootstrapping mode]

Equally, also explore if investor/crowd-funding channels can also be setup for above tasks!

  • For Education module, this can be explored within EU for Riyaaz is a Dutch corporation.
  • For rest, local India market to be explored.

Further Follow up

  • To find detail government regulations in regards to Lithium Ion battery manufacturing in India and local capacity for 3D printing.
  • To send the basic sketches/drawings for a customized prototype. [Target to send in a week]

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Riyaaz-FaradayMotion Meeting

by ivnyouall


Public - 7/5/16, 2:33 PM