Access Turnitin Assignments

In Blackboard go to the

Course Content link.

The Content page lists all the assignments created by the instructor.

Turnitin assignments can be identified by the Turnitin logo to the left of the assignment.

To submit a paper to Turnitin, you must upload a file to an existing assignment.

Turnitin assignments cannot be submitted until the assignment start date, and late submissions will be marked late.

Once you are ready to submit click on View/Complete link.

If this is the first time you use Turnitin, you will be prompted to an agreement form.

Single File Upload

The single file upload allows you to upload an assignment by directly loading the file from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Make sure you insert your name and title of assignment.

Keep Checking Turnitin Assignment Status

You can always go back to your Turnitin Assignment Tool to check on the status of your assignment for: scores, grading and feedback.

In your Blackboard course at bottom right corner under  Course Management, click  Course Tools and  find Turnitin Assignments link.

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