Surfilmfestibal 14

22 / 26.06.2016

BasqueLandBrewingProject Collab!


pg.3/5 Albaola Sea Factory: An Oceanic Adventure

pg.6 Clean Waves Day: Aquarium

pg.7 / 8 Beach Party!!!, La Zurriola

pg.9 Surfilm Youth

pg10 Surfilm PRO

pg.11 Surfilm TALKS

pg. 12 Surfilms, Teatro Principal

pg.13 Surf LIO! Dadadaba

pg. 14. Comercial interchange scheme.

Albaola Sea Factory. 24.06 Oceanic Adventure

We´re back to the magic shipyard. After the mind blowing event of 30.07.2013, we partner with this project for another oceanic adventure. 

Films, talks, woodworks, music, food

Jay Nelson might potentially attend with this boad and a van. Liz Clark (videos?), Lost in the Swell, Hobie Alter, 

Otter Surfboards, Flama, 

Heritage, craftmanship, sea faring, cultural interchange

An amazing set up to open up the scope of our culture to the ocean. Wooden board exhibitions, hand plane workshops, live talks, Liz Clark´s short films, organic food, Cross atlantic basque / Canada / Usa connection. A boutique event that catters for 300 people.

Clean Waves Day, 23.06 Aquarium

Environmental issues, presentations, threats for our coastal habitats. A selection of talks, films, of key issues happening in 2016. 

ITSASFEST presentation.

Beach Party!!! 25.06 La Zurriola

Beach Party!! La Zurriola 25.06


In collaboration with Groseko Surf Indarra, and the rest of local clubs, colectifs, a beach party day. Surfing, board tests, board swap, beach games, talks about healthy food and training for the youngest. Of course concerts, dj´s, a perfect set up to mix it up with our global and local guests!

Surfilm PRO, Aquarium, 23.06

We are designing this segment in collaboration with SURF CITY / Fomento de San Sebastian

An opportunity for a public presentation of the YULEX program, we will host the Fabrics TALKS with some of the industry players. 

Surfilm YOUTH

We started our collaboration with #izanesberdin in 2015. A youth talent driven program back by Kutxabank, it is going to grow organically within our contents. Short film creation, health food education, training, music. Definetely our aim is to help seed talent for future generations. 

Surfilm TALKS

Our usual program of talks and conferences with different key players of the surf world, locals and international...

Surfilm Cinema, 25 / 26.06, Antzoki Zaharra

A very tight selection of the best films of the year, the epic

  LOCAL WARMING!!%%&¿? session, youth session of Groms Attack!! 

The true tribal gathering of local and global friends to celebrate the best of our culture!

Surf LIO! Dabadaba, 25.06

The usual closing party at our second house of


Surfilm Txiringuito Screenings, Zurriola, Summer 2016 

A series of projections and music in the Txiringuito right on the beach in collaboration with the Groseko Surf Indarra. An opportunity to extend the event´s presence to all the summer, and activate a series of events tying in the 

Patagonia store

The place to show films that were not able to make it into the main film festival, a core way of showing content to the core and summer public.

Sponsorship Proposal, Basqueland Brewing Project 

We want Basque Land Brewing Project to be our official beer. 

It would be a commercial interchange, we open our event venues (Albaola Shipyard, beach event), graphic supports: offline / online outlets (posters (1500 units., hand program 1500 units., website) to include your logo as (Our beer / nuestra cerveza) and develop specific content connecting our projects:

1 page on the hand program presenting our collaboration.

Posts on social media presenting the collaboration.

Onsite installation: Basque Land Brewing Project customizes its bar area (ran by our partners) at Albaola, use of graphic material from the event, etc... 

Basically we want you guys to make yourself at home and make the most of being part of the family. 

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Surfilmfestibal 14_BasqueLandBrewingProject

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