By:Jakob Guy

The size of mars is 2,106 miles across and earth is 3,959 miles across

The rotation on mars is 24 hours and 39 minutes. 

It orbits around the sun every 1.88 earth years or every 687 days

Mars atmosphere is one percent of earth so it doesn't protect the planet from radiation

In winter the temperature can get down to -192 degrees at the poles and summer days can get to an awsome 70 degrees

Mars has two moons,phobos and deimos

Here is an image of mars from earth

And here is one from hubble

I like mars because they say that it may be the next planet the we would live onand it looks cool and it has a cool name

There have been 28 sucessful missions to mars 

The first successful mission was mariner 4 at 1964

Another successful one was six

Here are some images from mariner 4 & one from mariner 6

The next two successful ones is mariner 7 & and curiosity

Here is curiosity

Here are some images from mariner 9 & curiosity

Curiosity is successful because it was the first rover to test the martin soil and send back data that told us what it was made out of and it also oroved that there once was water on mars 

1. Mars is named after the roman god of war

2. Its atmosphere is like earth

3. It has major climate differences over the seasons 

4. It has major dust storms that can surround the entire planet for months at a time

My sources are "google images" 

"Google" "nasa website" and "marsmobile"

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