Looking back on preliminary task, what have we learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

lFor our preliminary task, we wrote a script with the different shots we would use, including shot-reverse-shot, match-on action, over the shoulder shot, rule of thirds and 180* rule. These we were the first shots that we learnt about, some of which we used in our final product, along with more advancedshots to create a more professional effect.

For our opening sequence, we planned a variety of different aspects for our thriller. This involved:

We carried out a survey to find out what aspects of a crime thriller would attract our audience - our audience profile was then created from our results.

Making a storyboard - which later on was developed into an animatic storyboard.

A shot list - involving the description of the scene/shot and who would be in it.

We also had to carry out a risk assessment for the location we used - which allowed us to take precautions when filming in different areas of the location.

We took location photos so that we could comment on how suitable each was to film in and when they could be used.

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