Strategy                 Positioning

Utilize multiple social media channels to promote merchandise, as well as post subject relevant content in order to brand company and attract followers, with the goal of selling products to a loyal customer base.

Position "Feather & Stone Jewelry" as a reputable and personable small business. Project company as eco-conscious, metaphysical  boutique that offers handmade "jewelry with intention"  in order to appeal to target, niche audience. 

Goals & Objectives

Short Term

(month of december)

Facebook- have  30 page views and 100 engagements with posts

Instagram- gain 50 new organic followers, 100 profile views weekly

Twitter- gain 30 new followers, 200 profile views, 2000 tweet impressions

Etsy- 20 shop views per day posted to social media

Pinterest- 30 average monthly viewers

Long Term

(next 6 months)

Facebook- 300 page "likes"

Instagram- gain 350 followers

Twitter- gain 125 followers, 1000 profile views

Etsy- 50 "shop favorites", sell 15 pieces of jewelry 

Pinterest-have 20 followers and 100 average monthly viewers


Etsy Shop


Opportunities        Shortcomings

Engage audience and create company brand to promote product and company.

Garner experience with social media marketing and establish professional relationships. 

Improve personal cognizance of social media channels and media management systems.

Starting from scratch, increases in sales and social media followers a reflection of efforts.

Financial limitations due to budget (no budget)

Inability to execute marketing strategy properly due to lack of experience. 

Time restraints limiting ability to stay on schedule and perform daily tasks.

Starting from scratch,  efforts will be significantly less lucrative to start out.

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