Legalization Project

By Michael Scirica

The Legalization Of Marijuana And Its Issues

The Legalization of marijuana has been known to cut the costs of law enforcement spending, bring in more tax dollars for the state to spend, and also overall decrease crime rate. But with all of these things comes negative consequences.


The Health Negatives To Legalizing Marijuana

1) Many Claim the Marijuana is not as addictive as other heavier drugs, but many addiction treatment specialists have seen first hand how marijuana can become addictive.

 2)Marijuana is still very known for being a gateway drug which has been proven in studies that would conclude that teenage boys who abused weed, along with things like alcohol and cigarettes are 2-3 time more likely to engage in more dangerous forms of drugs.

3) The Danger of these drugs falling into the hands of children is a lot higher with the legalization

4) As with cigarettes second hand smoke would effect innocent bystanders

5) Marijuana has been proven to damage the brain by causing memory issues to many users

6) Long term users of marijuana increase drastically in getting heart disease, due to after smoking your heart rate increases by 100%

7) Research has also discovered that marijuana use and mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia and depression.

                         The Political Issues With Legalization

The Major Reason why the legalization of marijuana is such an issue is due to the Federal Government and State Legislature constantly battling over the constitutionality of the Federal Governments stance concerning the drug. To many this drug has many confusing/unanswered questions, which is no different for the Federal Government. State legalization has caused many issues for police departments around the U.S instead of decreasing police spending its doubled it, this is due to some counties within legalized states still go by law set by the Federal Government. Colorado is the perfect example for the effects of long term legalization.

(Effects of Long Term Legalization in Colorado)

-The number of drivers that are pulled over for driving under the influence has increased by 12.5%

-Revenues have not matched up to projections made in early days of legalization 

There is no evidence proving that the legalization of marijuana has led to the decrease in crime

-Sheriffs and Police Chiefs around the Colorado border reported that there seems to be no change since legalization. 

-And the number one issue regarding legalization is the distribution of pot infused foods like cookies, chocolates and other things like gummies.

Why the Federal Government should be the ones to deal with the legalization

The number one issue with not having the Feds legalizing pot is the fact that its costing states more money to maintain the legal/illegal purchase of marijuana around the U.S.

If its legalized/ or remains illegal, the States will be able to save money because they have basic guidelines to oblige by regarding the drug.

I Couldn't find an article specifically talking about the legalization of pot on a federal level but I was able to obtain an article mentioning how congress is taking the steps for full legalization on a federal scale. and

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