Part I -- Management and Ownership of the Business

Owner's Arielle Snider & Nathaniel Gortt

Part II -- Executive Summary

We want to have a great hangout place for all kids all ages. All kids will have a fun and safe environment to be in. There are multiple fun rooms for kids to play in. We have food and prizes for things. We see a lot of kids come here everyday. If you or your kid needs help on homework, They can come to us and we would proudly help them with their homework.

Part III -- Description of Proposed Business

Our company is called The Hub. It is where kids can come after school to have help with their homework or to come to any of our rooms to have fun. We have many rooms to for kids to have fun. We have food and drinks etc.

Part IV -- Objectives of the Business

Our objectives for our business, is to keep the young adults and kids safe while they are enjoying our fun ,and active activities. And we want to have the kids to have a good education ,and we can help them if they need it.

Part V -- Proposed Business Strategies

Our short term goals are to have outside activities, and our long range goals are to expand our building so they can enjoy more opportunities after their homework or whatever they do first.

Part VI -- Product(s) and/ or Service(s) to be Provided

People will like to come here for help or just to have fun. We think we will have lots of kids come for fun or help with classwork. The products that we would provide will be food and drinks for maybe a dollar. And the services will be more of helping with anything that these kids need help on.

Part VII -- Marketing Analysis

We will target teens from ages 10-19. Because this will be good for them because no adult would want to come to our place. If we target a young crowd we could have a lot of kids there. And we would have a lot business.

Part VIII -- Financial Analysis

We will be having fundraisers to gain money for our business. We will also be getting money from selling the food in our store. When kids need to buy coins for the coin games. We will also collect money from certain activities within our business.

Part IX -- Supporting Documentation

Part X -- Supporting Documentation  2

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The Hub Business Plan

by ngortt


Public - 5/11/16, 12:33 PM