It's a real pleasure to be here with you ! 

Growth Hacking is a mindset ! 

1°Project (Fail & Success)  2°Network (Growth Service)  3°Legitimacy (Président - Speaker) 4°Explode

No recipe but...

- Know what you are good at 

- Know what you like & want to do 

- Legitimacy through a special skill

- Stay out of you COMFORT zone

- Network is everything 

Find the good way and hustle...

Great inspiration :

Definition of Growth Hacking 

"Growth Hacking is about finding creative way to quickly increase growth at all stage of startups/Smes/companies"

Let's be more precise :

Traction period (MVP, Test of VP) -> PMF(Validation)-> Growth 

We need GH at all stages ! 

What kind of business need to integrate the Growth Hacking ? !!ALL!!

Because GROWTH is the DNA of all companies !

Why use GH ?

- Build a community 
- Reach users first
- Find new leads 
- Test your Value Proposition
- Increase conversion 
- Decrease churn

Last advice : 

- GH is not magic : You need to test a lot of hacks
- GH doesn't work if your product is shitty ! 

GH Twitter tips accessible for all of you : - @maxime_mdupont

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