The Concept

Millions of €€€ get spent on betting every year between people and huge company's. The goal of this site/app will be to attract these users by giving them an alternative. Because what is more fun then gambling, and bankrupting your friends who support another football team in the process? 

The Specs

- User profiles / login

- Able to deposit money into an account

- Api that scrapes sport results for us

- Bet model that allows 2 users to wager on a sports match and automatically deposits the winnings to the winner

- Generate revenue by taking a small % of winnings


Bonus specs

- Allow groups of people to bet against each other

- Allow users to make custom wagers where a third user acts as a judge for who wins


- Lot's of money to be made in gambling if we launch the app

- Fun app with the potential to ruin lifelong friendships and exploit gambling addiction

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