Welcome to 7th Grade Texas History!

Brainstorm for me everything you know about the very first Thanksgiving. 

Remember, this is Texas History. 

You have one minute. 

First of all... the rules

You will be able to...

Instructional objectives:

- I will understand the meaning of the word “era.”

- I will be able to recognize the twelve eras of Texas history.

- I will be able to express, in my own words, the reason why historians divide history into eras.

- I will be able explain the difference between a primary document and a secondary document. 

- I will identify important events and famous people in Texas History and place them in a timeline. 

What is an "Era?" 


The BIG QUESTION of the Day!


Discuss with the others at your table.

Think of five important events or noteworthy people from Texas History. Write each of the five on a different sticky note. We will use these for a project in a few minutes. 

Create a time line.

Each pair take two or three sheets of chart paper, and divide them in half. One one side, put the name of one era, along with the dates and a picture showing what you think that era is all about. One the other side, do the same thing for the era that follows. Decide amongst yourselves which pairs will be creating the timeline for which eras. 

What is a primary source document? 

What is a secondary source document? 

One thing I learned was...

I also learned...

But the most important thing that I learned...

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Introduction to Texas History

by abrahammy05


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