The Digitization of Hooking Up

The Growth of Online Dating

According to Pew Research Center

"Use of online dating sites or mobile apps by young adults has nearly tripled since 2013"





-The League

The Digital Footprint

In the past, dating was primarily initiated through physical interaction, however, dating has become digitized via online sites and mobile apps. 

The digitization of hooking up has impacted the digital footprint of each individual. People's private information will always exist and inevitably be used to help the companies grow. 

Many companies use their client's information as a way to identify certain populations and create niche groups.

***Warning to Clients: What you share will forever exist***

Death of Distance

With the digitization of hooking up, it becomes easier to meet people who you may not ordinarily meet on a daily basis. 

  • You can find someone to hookup with and/or date within seconds by just a click of the button.
  • You can find someone across countries, states and cities. 

  • One of the best attributes of online dating is personalizing the distance you are willing to travel to meet someone.

Timeless Time

Online dating allows you to...

  • View people's profiles whenever you want to
  • Post, message, share at any time
  • Use these sites and/or apps at any time of the day 
  • Have unlimited access  

Check out the math of online dating!

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The Digitization of Hooking Up

by stsanchez


Public - 5/7/16, 1:36 AM