Never Fall

By Shauna Copeland 



What's that you say?

Is that the best you got?

Spitting venom will not destroy me.

Most likely I'll just transform into a superhero, making you disappear.

For now I'll stick to being superior in every other way.

What are these lies that have bled?

I feel betrayed.

I swear, you're just like flies, or worse, a virus that doesn't know when to quit.

Doesn't know when to give.

Doesn't know that no matter how much pain that has been inflicted on my skin, I'll heal stronger with more power than before.

Doesn't know to end it before all is regretted.

Doesn't know, I'll never fall.



Darkness everywhere.

Worthless, stupid, ungrateful, spoiled rotten piece of trash that's unfit for life on Earth, the darkness whispers.

Darkness everywhere.

Sometimes it's best to give it what it wants and crawl into the dark.

Sometimes it's best to let yourself bathe in its harsh, scornful acid.

Sometimes I wonder if I should eat the blade of death, or lie in a tub of eternal slumber.

Why should I frighten over something that can be chased out with a flick of a switch?

Sometimes is not the same as never.

Not even close.

I'll never give into such evil.

I'll never meditate with sin.

I'll never swallow the pills that will just slow me down to a stop.

I'll never take the bullet.

I'll never fall.



They were challenged to continue on a never ending path of sorrow.

They were confused and unsure of what "moving forward" even means.

They had a battle through time and a battle with them selves.

They, the twenty first century, fighting the fights that weren't even thought of twenty years behind, or a decade.

They are nothing more.

They are nothing less.



All things considered, no one wants to drown in what they can't control.

They know it's inevitable to happen.

They experience what brings them to the new beginnings.

And sometimes...

They have to fall to fly.


We have to fall to fly. 


This poem is inspired by Maya Angelou's, "Still I Rise". I chose her poem because I loved the message that it carried. Stating that no matter how much emotional and physical stress anyone bestows on me, I am still going to rise up. 

"Like dust, I'll rise".

I wrote my poem along the lines of two completely different people. In two different situations that challenge them in ways young kids, or even adults, shouldn't have to battle against.

In the end, these two people convey that they can't be bested.

They wont be bested. 

They won't be defeated.

They will "Never Fall".

Your life is whatever you make it, so don't settle for anything less than what you deserve and you deserve so much more than you believe. 


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