The first Food VR start-up

The problem about online shopping

- The online shopping experience is not 

as good as an in-store experience

- More and more online competitors,

need for differentiation

Virtual Reality can help

- Until now : technologic issues

- Mask too big

- Poor quality of the video

- But VR is evolving...

...And Cool Hobo has cracked a solution

- First Food VR start-up : boxes with food and VR mask

- Long-term : Marketplace based on VR. Help western brand implementing into China through VR.

People love it

- Positive reviews on the first boxes

- Virtual reality experience

- 2% retention rate


- Early adopter : 0,1%

- 30/40 years old

- >30 000 yuans

- Or Millenials


- No direct competitors

- Market Leaders for VR : Alibaba, HTV Vive, ...

 Adaptive & growingly cash-consuming Business Model

- The consulting agency: Help European brands developing, B2B Business, Premature

- The boxes: A travel and cultural experience, smart business model, breakeven point: 200 boxes, 

2 main difficulties

- A food platform with virtual reality: Pioneers, 

Revolution, Goal: B2B & B2C model



"An idea is just an idea, it's destined to evolve"

- Prior experience in China

- Network built in China

- Chinese speaking 


"The most reliable team to convince investors"

- 11 members

- 2 Chinese co-founders

- Shanghai : Sales & Business Development

- Shenzhen : High-tech, Design and Social Media


- Educating the customers to VR 

- Shortage of cash

- Imposing CoolHobo’s brand and platform

Being an international entrepreneur in China

- Before the firm can be chinese, it must think chinese...

- Penetrate the "Chinese Internet"

- Act yourself - No Government aids


 - Before being global, think global 

 - Think big but start small 

 - Stay hungry & foolish

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