Social Impact of WW2

Health Care

  • There were tangible health benefits
  • Transportation took off and gave more access to health services
  • The war also help lift poverty   

Home and Family

*During ww2 the war 57% of women were involved in the war

*Since the end of the war women's workplace has increased by 50%

*Over half of the African Americans who went into the workforce were women

*Women were typically loaded down with work that their husbands, sons, and brothers left behind,

*So many men went to war that there wasn't enough men to build ships, weapons, and planes.

"During the war, you just kept thinking that life cannot begin until this is over. You just had to see, again all the boys that you had known and had been fond of and know they were home safely"

                  -Katherine Phillips


  • Education was impacted the most during the war
  • It chnged the way people's thoughts, economics, government, and education
  • Children were affected by the war and their daily lives


  • Schools closed because: 
  • Students didn't come to school regularly
  • Students and teachers joined the army
  • No teachers to taught. 


  • Blacks and white’s were segregated

  • Black people schools were very poor unlike white people schools

  • G.I. bill offered good and high education for both races.


  • Many soldiers joined the army and left their family. 

  •  The need of women to work was necessary.

  • Women found jobs in factories or schools.

Racism During WWII

  • Racism was a huge factor in the Axis military alliance (Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary,Romania, Bulgaria)
  • Since the Civil War, African American and white units had been kept separate, with African American units serving under the command of white officers
After WWII the U.S. military decided to change this and allowed blacks and whites to serve side by side. 

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