Lifestyle & shopping app is one of the most promising categories in mobile

  1. Time spent shopping via iOS and Android smartphones increased by a massive 174% in 2015
  2. Lifestyle & Shopping apps saw a 81% increase in usage in 2015 (one of the fastest growing categories)
  3. The average monthly in-app spend for gaming apps is 0.30euro; for shopping apps it is 2.53euros
  4. Only about 3% of gamers make in-app purchases compared to 12% of shopping app users
  5. Approximate sales via mCommerce by 2017 will be equal to $500 billion


Core Loop
Arm Mechanics

Core Loop from the user point of view

Core Loop from the technical point of view

Acquisition - Install Source

In the beginning promotional codes that offer a reduction for the first order

Pop-ups in different fashion website. Ex: Vogue, We the People, Elle, Capcho…

Share links on social media: Go download this application to find your favorite clothes

Ads on Youtube (small ads of 10 seconds before any video starts)

Reach out to fashion bloggers to kick-start the application by saying “Guess from where I got my whole look! Use this application right now”

Gain Attention: Be present and present the app at fashion events

Retention - keep users

Banners and notifications that encourage to use the app and create an interaction between the app and the users

Additional functionalities: history of your FashionSnaps, favorites FashionSnaps, proposals of new outfits and styles e.g “this coat would be amazing with…” The more you use the application, the smarter it gets)

Newsfeed: “the most FashionSapped garment” , “The Top 10 bags of the month”...

Easy to use: users like simple and practical applications

Great informative server that gives you quick access to the cloth stores wanted

Promotional codes, gamification

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