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Sarah Frazier

Moved to pay after recognized.  Frazier only uses free resources.  

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Vibby makes it easy to highlight, share, and discuss the best parts of any online video. Pick an online video, mark the moments you want to emphasize, then share your highlight reel on social media or embed it on a website. It also allows viewers to comment and access the full video. Grades 4th-12th grade.

Presentation tool that displays online content easily including documents, videos, pictures, graphs, maps, 3D models, and webpages. Functions as a website and an app. User friendly and a great tool for introducing younger students to the concepts of creative commons. Grades - all

A free online tool for photo editing, basic graphic design, collage making, PicMonkey offers plenty of features through its free version. Help students create beautiful products for portfolios, flyers, websites, as well as other school projects. Appropriate for grades 5-12.

Billed as an easy-to-use infographic maker, Piktochart offers a large library of professionally designed templates with incredible visual appeal and plenty of layout choices. Piktochart can also be used to create colorful presentations and posters. Its drag and drop interface makes it suggested for grades 3-12.

I think 6 and up.

Safe images for classroom use and projects with citations.  Photos for Class filters and uses Flikr Safe Search, for images appropriate for school,  licensed by Creative Commons for public use. Downloaded images automatically cite the author and license terms.   All grades.

A huge collection of fonts, photos, layouts and icons, this powerful tool helps you and your students create beautiful graphics, videos, and web stories that can be shared on the web. The gallery is a wonderful place to browse or help students consider message design in engaging media literacy lessons. Appropriate for grades 3-12.

3-step animated video maker that lets you choose from animation styles, upload pictures, select font, colors, & text, in an easy process. Final videos can be emailed and shared by button click. With new video templates added frequently, Biteable makes for a great addition to your digital storytelling toolbox. Appropriate for grades K-12.

Microsoft product

Not friendly - I could not open product.

Office Sway creates interactive reports, newsletters, presentations, and personal stories. Upload content and select a design. Add video, music, pictures, etc. to enrich the interactive project. Creations are shared online and privacy settings help you determine the breadth of your audience. A good website for use with grades 5-12.

A digital portfolio tool for K-12 students to document their learning. Students share with photos & videos of their work, or by adding digital creations. Everything is organized in one place and can be accessed on any device. Work can be shared with classmates, parents, or published to a blog. See Saw offers support for educators who want guidance to set up a See Saw project.

Easily create quiz show style games for up to four teams using Jeopardy Rocks. Games can be shared online with a simple URL.  Appropriate for all grade levels, encourage students to design their own quiz questions.

Trello uses a simple card interface for collaboration. Create boards and pull in files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Add members, due dates, and checklists to help keep everyone on task. Encourage students to use Trello when planning research projects. Recommended for 

grades 9-12.

Creatubbles is  a virtual refrigerator for young artists. A student creates art, audio or video. Then he or she, or (if under 13) his teacher or parent, takes a photo and uploads it. Art is identified by the artist’s age, but only first name. Other people can view the art and, if registered, comment and “like” bubbles. A great way to use the site. Teachers can collaborate on collections with other classes across the world. Anyone can view the site, but art contributions are intended for 2 to 15 year-olds.

Allows you to create online activities including multiple choice, gap filling, matching, free form writing, sorting, equations, picture tagging, sequencing, geometric shapes, & surveys. Create your own or modify one from the site bank. You can organize students by class & download reports.  It is suitable for all ages, and any device.

Gamifies quizzes allowing for music, immediate feedback, timers, & memes. Create new or modify the bank of existing quizzes. View & download results in Excel. Use Quizizz for formative assessments, checking understanding, & exit tickets. All ages on any device. All questions are multiple choice.

Secure communication. Teachers invite parents to sign up, & can share news, photos, alerts, & request conferences. Parents get message by email, text, or Bloomz app. Option to have messages translated. Teachers can communicate with all parents or individuals. Optional parent/parent communication with teacher controlling communication. 

3 sites. Google Art project - virtual art field trips,  live 360 degree performances, and cultural treasures. Historic Moments - online exhibits of primary sources and artifacts from topics. World Wonders - downloadable teaching guides to videos and still images using Google Street View to allow students to explore world heritage sites such as Machu Pichu .

Street View enables students to visually explore the world around them. Visit world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside museums, arenas, restaurants and businesses with 360-degree images on Google Maps. Appropriate for K-12th grade, use Street View to take virtual field trips to the settings of stories or historical sites.

 Grades 6-9, Digital Compass leads students through digital citizenship with animated adventures and interactive experiences. Students explore digital dilemmas, make decisions, and try out possible solutions through stories and mini-games, without risking their real-world reputations.

DK Find Out! includes subject-based, curriculum-linked articles for learning & teaching on anything, with homework help. Teacher/parent portal available. For K-6, this site can also be used by 7-8 . Contains videos, quizzes, facts of the day and more. Use DK Find Out! to help students plan new projects that are tied to real-world issues.

Site with games, videos, brain breaks, & activities to increase movement & brain engagement in class. Search by types like stretching, calming, dancing, etc. Free account provides many activities. Most popular K-6.  Create list of favorites for easy access on YouTube. 

Little Frazier stamp.

 Over 3500 works by subject or current events. Select content, distribute it via class code, & assign a grade. Questions, notes, collaboration, text-to-speech, articles at different lexile levels, translation. Create classroom collections that can be shared , or upload current event articles and create questions of any type. Grades 5-12.

Primary documents & questioning, with writing support.  18 units for students. Students can find point of view, analyze & collect evidence, organize research, & write explanatory or argumentative essays. Assessment begins early, so teachers may reteach as needed. All grades.

Subscription ebook service for elementary readers.  Features read-aloud, reader advisory, and reading logs. Free accounts to elementary teachers and librarians include up to 36 associated free student profiles. Multiple simultaneous student users are allowed!  Project during read-alouds so everyone can view text or illustrations.  

Tween Tribune -Current events articles categorized by grade, lexile, language (Eng/Sp), & subject.  Articles have multiple lexiles & comprehension tests. Free accounts offer: Student profiles, lesson plans, & assessment scores. Use to compare viewpoints, or support inquiry.

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