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Bespoke Solutions

Click here to view W!ZARD Radio Station's interactive media pack with more details about our audience, segmentation and case studies.

Learn and Live

Open University's motto is 'Live and Learn'.

The concepts presented in this pack are designed to promote why this might be appealing to students and a taste of the Open University lifestyle.

Content Series

Positioning Open University as a hub for expertise and a top quality of education - 

W!ZARD Radio Station can produce a series of content taking advantage of Open University's professors.

Content Series

Content can be produced as a series of 5 minute episodes each one focusing on a different topic.

These episodes can be produced as videos and the audio can be ripped to be broadcasted on-air and published to relevant platforms as a podcast.

Potential Topics:

Gender Pay Gap

Women in STEM


The Future of Media

Integration Opportunities

Alternatively, we can work to integrate Open University into content by specifically placing larger conversations/debates within our talk shows and then inviting an Open University expert as a guest.

Our key talk shows include Benji Hyer (28,086 listeners*), Generation You (13,720 listeners*) and James Gilmore (24,154 listeners*).

*average per-episode for September 2016.

Study Mix - brought to you by Open University

To connect the Open University brand to lifestyle and culture - we can produce a radio show and a playlist called 'Study Mix' where Open University students can submit the playlists of music that they are listening to whilst studying.

These playlists can be accompanied with information of where they are studying - whether it's on a beach, in a park or anywhere that isn't a traditional University!

Study Mix - brought to you by Open University

The playlist can be broadcasted on-air (with vox pops from students, artist interviews, etc...) either within a show or as it's own shows with narration highlighting how 

Open University allows you to get a legitimate degree whilst living a fun, exciting student life.

We can do these concepts all individually - or tie them together in one platform...

The Student Hour - brought to you by Open University

The Student Hour is a multi-platform radio series comprising of 6x one-hour primetime episodes exploring the Open University lifestyle in a whole new light.

Connecting the two elements of 'Learn' and 'Live' - a show driven by students and showcasing how Open University allows students to get a qualification whilst living an exciting life!

The Student Hour - brought to you by Open University

This can include student-selected music (similar to "What's On Your Headphones") as well as discussions linking to the topics mentioned below.

The Student Hour - brought to you by Open University

As well as exciting radio content, the show will expand beyond that into video footage and written content, all linking back to the Open University.

Example Deliverables

- Open University owned, content-based innovation in a premium context

- Student traffic-driver to Open University official channels

- Re-imagined conversations with Open University student audience

- End-to-end delivery of campaign

- Bespoke social strategy to support Open University's partnership with W!ZARD Radio Media

- Original content

- Naming rights to radio series

- 6x 1 hour premium radio shows with pre-agreed content

- Additional pre-agreed online and video content

- Open University product placement with-in videos

- Additional talent opportunities within content


Thank You

James Gilmore -

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