an example of digitization

Siri is such a significant part of many people's day-to-day life, including mine. I am an incredibly busy person but Siri has helped me in little tasks such as setting reminders and alarms, calling / texting people, checking the weather, etc. I believe that Siri is a great example of digitization and now, I'll show you some digitization characteristics Siri holds by sharing   some functions that I use almost daily.


 when routines previously executed by humans are now executed by algorithms. 

Siri is able to do almost every phone function that humans once needed to do themselves. For example, when I receive a text message, I don’t even need to read it because Siri can do it for me. Then Siri can type up my response and send it. Another example is searching for restaurants. I can just ask Siri if there a certain kind of restaurant around me and it’ll look for me. Then upon selecting one, it will navigate me there. I no longer need to manually search or type the address in my maps. Siri can just do both of these things, and many other things, for me.


Because Siri is able to retrieve so much information in a matter of seconds, it portrays the death of distance. If you are in Wisconsin, you can ask Siri about something that’s happening in Spain and receive the information instantly. Similar to if you’re traveling to New York from Korea, you can check what the weather is like by just asking Siri. With just one push of a button, you can retrieve all kinds of information from all over the world.


the trail that people leave online

But searching up all of these things means that you’re leaving behind a digital footprint. Normally, once you close Siri you can no longer access your search or see what you have searched on Siri. However, you still leave behind a digital footprint. According to Apple, Siri records all the data you search and stores it for two years. This is done for the company’s product testing and improvement. So even when you can no longer access what you’ve searched, Apple can.


With Siri, you can choose how you want to respond to / contact someone based on what is happening. Siri can access text messages, phone calls, or FaceTime based off what you need for the situation.For example, if you wanted to let someone know that you’re on your way, you can have Siri send that text message. If you wanted to have a meeting with someone but you’re in a different location, you could have Siri call them on FaceTime.


I believe that Siri has made a big impact on society today. I say this because I see how others, including myself, use Siri as often as possible. We also put a lot of our trust in Siri. When we ask Siri to take us to the closest Target or when we ask Siri to set a reminder for our midterm, we trust that Siri will take us on the correct and most efficient route and that Siri will not let us miss a very important exam. Many people allow Siri to do things we could do for ourselves because it's easier to let Siri do it but in doing so, we place our trust in the non-existent hands of technology.


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