The Digitization of Music

Characteristics of Digitization

Spotify is a great example of digitization and contains many of the characteristics of digitization. The examples I will cover are:

- Death of Distance

- Algorithmification

- Timeless Time

Death of Distance

The death of distance has to do with the fact that the internet has essentially rendered geographical distance moot. The continuing advancement of technology has made it easier to connect, communicate, and share across vast distances instantly.


This concept refers to the idea that a program or network will give you recommendations based off your profiles and your preferences. An algorithm is designed to make the perfect fit for you.

Timeless Time

This is a concept that enables you to communicate or share whenever it is most convenient for you. Synchronous or asynchronous communication can be used through various programs as instant messages can be instantly responded to or saved until the recipient comes online.

Effects of Digitization

- Death of Distance: Spotify allows you to listen to music wherever you are. It is present in various countries and songs can even be downloaded in order to listen to them offline.

- Algorithmification: Spotify gives you recommendations based of songs you have previously listened to. This lets you discover new songs/bands.

- Timeless Time: Messages and songs can be shared on Spotify whenever it is convenient for you. This is convenient for both busy and non-busy people.

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