Alternatives to PowerPoint



Pros: Allows import of powerpoint presentations, create a presentation from scratch, and presentation saved to software. Application is free unless upgrading to premium. 

Cons: No mobile application


Pros: Can create presentation from scratch, presentation will be saved to software. Different styles and fonts are available. User may input images, videos, as well as audio files.

Cons: Cannot import powerpoint slides. Presentation may not be exported in another format.


Pros: Export presentation in powerpoint, can create presentation from scratch, presentation saved to online software, and software permits collaboration. A mobile application is available. Online software is free. 

Cons: Cannot important other presentations, does not support builds, no drawing tools available. 

Pear Deck

Pros: Software allows user to import powerpoint presentations, presentation can be created from scratch and saved to the software. Pear Deck has different fonts and styles, allows for user to upload images, and embed videos. 

Cons: Presentation cannot be exported in other format, collaboration is not allowed, there is no mobile application, there are no templates available.


Pros: Presentations can be created from scratch, presentation available online. Software allows user to upload images, charts, and embed links. Bunkr is more Android friendly and there is an app available for Android devices. 

Cons: Different texts and styles are not available, no transitions and no drawing tools. 


Pros: Creates videos, can create video from scratch, will save presentation to software. 

Cons: Cannot import powerpoint slides or other presentations.


After researching different presentation tools, I would recommend Emaze because it is more visually appealing, it is user friendly, and also the user is allowed to import slides if needed. Zoho is another good recommendation. It allows the user to import images from different platforms. This software also allows collaboration. 

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How to export your presentation

Please use Google Chrome to obtain the best export results.

How to export your presentation

Alternatives to Powerpoint

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Public - 5/27/16, 10:59 PM