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Present Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram photos, Linkedin Profiles, ...

Present Videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TED, Vine, ...

Present Audio Playlists from Deezer, Soundcloud, Spotify, ...

Present 3D Models

from Sketchfab

Present your code from JSFiddle, CodePen, JSBin, Gist, ...

Present Charts from Google Spreadsheets, Infogram, ...

Present Maps from Google Map, CartoDB, Mapbox, ...

Present (Sync) Documents

(pdf, excel, word...)

via Dropbox or Google Drive

Present articles, blog posts, websites, ...

Hey! This is me.

And it's very easy to present my online profile pages. Just a copy/paste of a link :-)

Present Profiles from Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ...

Use GIF's and much more types of amazing content

Why only rocketeer?

rocketeer is an excellent website which enables you to connect with friends,send blogs,post videos,presentations and much more,our aim is to get you connected with the world.

Read this little article by which a man was saved by social media

If you are still not convinced..

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How to export your presentation

Please use Google Chrome to obtain the best export results.

How to export your presentation

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