Dorothea Dix

By Zane Doran

  • Born April 4, 1802
  • She was a nurse in her early life  
  • After being a nurse, she taught Sunday school at a prison in Massachusetts 
  • Noticed living conditions were horrible for the mentally ill people
  • She stated that it was very cold in the mentally  ill cells  
  • The prison just said "The insane don't feel heat or cold." 
  • She also noticed the mentally ill were treated very poorly and they had a bunch in one prison cell 
  • Dorothea wanted to put a stop to this
  • She began travailing the state and started inspecting prisons
  • Most prisons said the mentally ill could never be healed but she thought differently  
  • She even made it to the national level when she tried to get congress to pass a bill for about 12 million acres of land to be used for mental hospitals
  • Congress passed the bill but the president vetoed it 
  • After her defeat, she traveled to Europe to expand her work
  • She discovered hospitals were very different in Europe compared to American hospitals 
  • When she arrived back in Washington, the civil war broke out  
  • She put her work to a stop and was a nurse
  • After the war, she continued work mainly in Europe and wrote books about mentally ill people
  • She died in 1887 at age 85
  • She died in a hospital she built

The End

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