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Is it that time of the year again? That time of the year where final exams and final projects are approaching? Are you worried that you might not be able to meet up with your classmates to plan the group PowerPoint or activity that you all procrastinated on? Oh come one, we are all guilty of procrastinating at least once in our life.  However, hopefully it is not a habit!... Well, no need to worry , because now you and your group can collaborate without actually meeting face to face and achieve that A you are all aiming for!

What exactly are Google Docs?

Digital characteristics of Google Docs

That will enhance you group project experience:

The Digital Footprint

Timeless Time

Death of Distance


and Media Richness Selection

Timeless Time

Timeless time, the convergence of storage and communication  technologies, is the social practice that aims at negating sequence to "install ourselves in perennial simultaneity and simultaneous ubiquity".  In other words, Google docs enable us to negate sequence by processing info in a synchronous(real time) and or asynchronous manner.

For instance, while working on your group project, you can share ideas, concerns, and ideas all in one document.  The google doc automatically saves the changes so that when someone else logs on to work on the project, they can see what has been revised or deleted. 

It doesn't matter if your group members make changes to the document before you because you will be able to see them and even add more ideas to the document. Now, every group member will be informed of the progress that has been made and progress that needs to be made before turning in the project.

With google docs, there no longer exists the fundamental limit of distance. The speed with which information is processed on such digitalization is faster than the sun goes aound the earth.  Death of distance will bring your group togethe in a blink of an eye. 

Death of Distance

If one of your classmates has to go home unexpectedly for the weekend and they live all the way in southern california, google docs has you covered.  Distance is not a problem anymore in order to create a project/presentation that will amaze your instructor.


Digitization of the pen and paper group collaboration allows for one to one, one to many, many to one, and from many to many interactions.

With the google doc, a class mate can address issues to the rest of the group, to a single individual or by commenting on the side of the document.  This digitization enables simultaneous interactions between members in order to get the job done.  

Media Richness Selection

Digital information and digital networks like google docs allow you to selectd the degee of media richness one wishes to impose on the platform.  Media Richeness is the ability ito handle multiple cues simultaneously, facilitate rapid feedback, establish a personal focus, and utilize natural language.

Google docs allows you to take in multiple corrections than anothe group member might be making while you are trying to edit thte docoment.  I can be correcting grammmar while another classmate edits the fonts and colors of the text visible on the page.  

Some Limitations

As with almost any digitization, there comes some constraints with the use of google docs. One of them being that someone could delete a piece of information that another person wanted to include in the document. Also, a person that wants to use google docs must have internet access, and as we can observe from Digital Technology and Social Change lectures, there is still millions of people who do not have access to internet and therefore can't benefit from such service. 

Social Effects of Google Docs

Although there exists some limitations, the benefits of using google docs is immense because it has changed the way society collaborates, whether it being for a work or school project.  Google docs is a perfect example of creative destruction because it has lead not just students like you who need to prepare a presentation with several other classmates, but also professionals, agents, and workers all around the world to engage in a cultural adaptation to this new form of idea sharing and gaining feedback. People are able to conquer obstacles such as time differences and long distances.  Before google docs, anyone who wanted feedback on an essay or idea would have to send one document to various emails and process all of the different corrections and/or suggestions one at a time.  Google docs has brought forth the possibility of eliminated such hassle and essentially destructed the old fashion way of collaborating.  


Google Docs address the typical need of collaborating through time differences and long distances.  They are an innovation that has altered the academia and workforce. 

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