World Geography ABC's


I am an avid drawer, and I like to listen to a wide variety of music--mostly leaning towards electronic. Although I am interested in dance, I have no idea how to. I occasionally read manga, but the majority of my reading is in the science fiction genre.


As the picture in the background, a library would "symbolize" me in some ways. Libraries are quiet, peaceful, and in general a good place to relax; (except when you've been procrastinating and cramming a four page essay within a matter of minutes). A library also contains an infinite amount of knowledge and insight--which I obviously don't have, but I try to learn as much as possible. Emphasis on try.


Most of the time, I try to talk with my friends/family members in person as much as possible-either that or texting. I am not fond of phone calls, as they get really awkward really fast. But then again, I could barely keep a conversation in both of those of those situations. In terms of transportation, my parents drive my brothers and I around. We never walk places, or bike anywhere. Just cars. Vroom.


HOODIES. Hoodies are pretty much essential to my daily wardrobe, even if it's 98 degrees outside. They're just really comfy, you know? Usually I wear jeans or leggings with my hoodies. And I lean heavily towards dark-colored clothing. Optimum comfort? Yes. Falling asleep in class because of this comfort? Also yes.


My family gets a fair amount of income, since they both work in the medical field. But my brothers and I are costly-we all need to eat, get shots/checkups from the doctor, and our hobbies/activities. I personally don't have a job, but I'm planning to sometime soon so I could save up a big chunk of it for college. 


I have two parents, and two younger siblings. My mom is the real boss of the house, making all of the major decisions. My dad on the other hand, is pretty chill in general. He isn't as strict, but he is one to follow the rules--and he makes sure everyone within the house follows them as well. My younger brothers...well, there isn't much to say. They're immersed in video games almost all of the time, and they quarrel with eachother quite a bit. My role in the house is to keep my brothers in check, (also to annoy them as much as possible,) and to be a good role model for them.


Without government, our society would be in complete chaos-well it kind of is already, but yeah. Thanks to the police force, robbers and drug dealers and murderers and other illegal jobs have a chance to be caught! Government also taxes us for the well-being of the nation. Which my parents pay quite a bit for- (or, that's what I'm told)


I haven't experienced many too major events, but I've been through hurricane Ike, and that was an interesting experience-facing the wrath of Texas' heat without air conditioning. Also, the Great Barrier Reef has recently been claimed to almost be dead, which really made me cry. Hooray for my faith in humanity fading away.


Almost everything nowadays is on the world wide web. I don't access today's happenings on the daily newspaper. Instead, like the stereotypical teenager I am, get the news from the local news station on T.V., or social on my phone.


I am a mess. I have had no idea what career I've wanted for the longest time, but currently I am set for being a psychiatrist. Before this, I wanted to become a music teacher--but nope, my passion for music isn't strong enough to handle kids. I wanted to pursue a profession involving the preservation of the Earth--but I'm a pessimist and I think the world is going to die before I even start this career. But hey, a career that involves the present and helping real people with their issues and learning/understanding the intricacy human mind? PSYCHIATRIST IT IS.


Most of the knowledge that I receive are orally given. Whenever I do something stupid, my parents reprimand me and give me a painful lecture through words. In church, all of the readings and gospels are spoken, and of course, school.


English is the language that I've known from birth. My parents however, speak both Tagalog (our native language) and English. I could understand a little bit of Tagalog though. In terms of English, 98% of the words I use include "dude," and "woah" and "woah, dude." That's pretty much all of my vocabulary right there. I don't use any of the "new and hip" words kids use nowadays, because no. Don't do that. Please stop.

<--- example of a word that is "new and hip" that i don't use


My grandparents come to stay in the household for a few weeks a few times a year, and they're pretty much the only influence on our culture within the house. Since they're grandparents, they hold strong with their traditions. My grandma always cooks a plethora of Filipino dishes, and our religious practices are reinforced even more.


To be honest, I'm not really proud of my nation right now. The elections, the shootings, and prejudice. Although I am happy that gay marriage is legal throughout the nation--it's been a while but I'm still proud of it! Also, colorguard is a recognized sport in the U.S., and I think it's pretty cool to do something that is 'recognized'.


Organizations! I am in orchestra (I play the viola), and color guard. I am very passionate about these two things, even though they're hard work (except orchestra because the orchestra teachers are pretty bad here shh don't tell anyone)

I don't participate in other out-of school activities or local clubs and communities, because a combination of the amount of high school homework and hours on the field for color guard is stressful enough. But oh well.


I'm just a typical american highschooler; I'm 14, Filipino, Christian, and I speak English. Everything is just a blend of my parent's Filipino culture with my "modern" American culture.


I'd say I'm pretty happy and healthy. On a scale of "I want to bury myself away from this world and chill with a bunch of giant sassy gophers underground" to "Hey life is actually going okay and I love everything", I'd say "I almost love everything that's going on right now but I'm really really stressed and I dOn'T LiKe iT".

One thing I would change about my culture right now is to get more sleep--six hours is definitely not enough for someone with my lifestyle.

<--- me trying to cope with stress


I'm Christian, but I lean a little bit more to the agnostic side. However, the rest of my family is 100% Christian, and we celebrate Christmas, Easter, Palm Sunday, and more. We celebrate Halloween too, because Halloween--and a few of our practices include going to church every Sunday, and we participate in the Eucharist.


Although I don't know a clue about economics and how it works, but I think my culture is placed in middle class. We have a nice (but pretty old) house, adequate food, two cars, and we have a few pets.


Now this is kind of a touchy topic. I personally don't have too many taboos, but my parents are heavily conservative. So most of these taboos are influenced onto me. One of them is children not respecting their elders, and the other is cheating on your significant other.


My culture is very urban; I live in a house instead of an apartment or farm, I use cars for transportation instead of metros or (horses? Do they use horses? Tractors?) and buildings here aren't crammed together.


I barely have time for fun, but when I somehow do; I hang out with my friends and laugh at memes.That's pretty much all I do. My family and I have been to Europe, California, Florida, and Washington D.C. for our vacations. All of which were stressful. But hey, it's pretty cool to see how other people in different places live.


I help my brothers with their homework, and I help with folding and putting clothes in the washer.


I hate Houston. No offense please spare me--I have valid reasons! Here, it's perpetually hot and humid, our Winters and Autumns don't even feel like Winters and Autumns, there's just the occasional cold front. The landscape here also really bothers me-it's really flat and there's nothing very exciting to look at. Just a bunch o' grass, nothing to see here! 


Guess who's a stereotypical Asian and eats rice with almost every single meal everyday? Me! Breakfast is the only meal I don't have rice--and really, I don't even have a meal for breakfast. I just grab some grain bars with a banana and head out the door. For lunch, I buy the questionable orange chicken from the school cafeteria. I'm kind of concerned for what's in it, but it's all I got. If I didn't buy lunch, I'd end up packing even more of those grain bars. Now, dinner is the most interesting--more rice and either adobo or salmon! Yay.


I'm a complete nerd when it comes to animals. I currently have a dog and a gerbil, but I would like to have a snake or some ferrets. Unusual combination, I know. But they're so cool...they're almost as cool as the Tasmanian Devil-which is my absolute favorite animal.

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World geo abc's

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