Love has been complicated for me Like right now I have had a crush on someone I didn't notice at the first time and I'm so scared to go to him and talk about my feelings. And I really want to go and talk but I'm waiting for him to come to me.

I choose this as my theme song because it says  part of my story. Since I was little I didn't talked to no body , I was that shy girl who was scared to show who she was.

But when I got to middle school(7th grade)I had to break the walls that surrounded me, and let out the real Emily.

Now I finally found her.

 I go crazy with my friends at NMS, and I'm not going to be that shy girl again. Now I'm going to show who I really am and that I'm  moving on.

What I want to be

I have always love to take care of babies. And when I grow up I want to be  a Maternity nurse. I want to help take care of the babies and make sure they are OK and healthy. I have been taken care of all the family babies since i was 7 years old and i have enjoy it a lot. 

The importance of my family

Why is my family important to me?  Well..........

My family is very important to me. They are the ones who are there with me if my mom or dad have some problems and I need to stay with them. We all plan parties as a family, each of them has a duty that they can help with, and every single one of them completes it . I have so much fun with my family that is at Mexico, I go visit them for vacations. I have so much fun hanging out with them and be everywhere like the big happy family that we are.

I have been like a second mother to all this  little children. Since they were little I helped my cousins take care of them and as they started to grow they called me MOM.

How is it to be the only child?????????

I am the only child and I can tell that it feels lonely. Some of my friends tell me that I'm so lucky because  I don't have noisy people who bordered me all the time.Also they tell me that my parents buy me everything but they are wrong, ( there is Bills) But let me tell those friends that the ones that are lucky are them because they have amazing brothers/sisters to be entertain with. But in my world when I get out of school and get home there is nobody to talk to, my mom is at work and I feel alone, with no one to be with. So I say that everyone who has a sister and brother, that they should be thankful for them.

My grandpa is my all to me he loved me more than his life. He was the absolutely opposite  of a negative attitude.
He was always happy and with a big smile. He was the king of the parties and he promised to do all his granddaughters 15 party but he could only accomplish two. He got very sick and when he was at his bed my grandma came out the room and gave us  the horrible news that I would here in my life. MY GRANDPA WAS DEATH. I was 5 years old but when my mom explained to me I felt that horrible feeling in my heart, My grandpa was in heaven. But I am here and I know that he is watching us and wishing me the best 15 party from here to one year until I am 15 years old. And I will always love him.

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my life

by 68931


Public - 5/19/16, 1:01 AM