capital of  Spain is Madrid

Spain is a country of Mediterranean Europe.It lined by the mountain of Pyrenees, which separates it from France and besides from Europe.

The Sagrada familia is a basilica of Barcelona the construction of which began from 1882.And a symbolic monument of the city.

The park Güell is one of the realizations of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in Barcelon,The ceramic dressing of the bench of wavy shape of the terrace of the Park Güell.

The bullfight is a form of bullfight consisting of a fight between a man and a bull, in the outcome of whom the bull is put to death or, exceptionally,She is essentially practised in Spain, in Portugal, in the South of France and in certain States of Latin America.

Flamenco is known as the most typical aspect of the Spanish culture.Exit of the populations excluded from the South of Spain, the music and the dance flamenco had at first Greek and Roman then Indian influences.

The paella is a  traditional meal of Spain.A dish with round rice of origin valencienne and holds its name of the frying pan which serves to cook her.

The gazpacho is a soup with mixed raw vegetables served cold.

The tapas Of Spanish origin consisted of various ingredients. We usually consume several at the same time during the meal.They are a part of the culinary culture of Spain.

Churros are Spanish cake stores. They are in the form of a fried and sweet dough Doughnut-shaped grow longer.

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