The ONLY business platform that can transform its regular users in to SHAREHOLDERS OF ONE or MULTIPLE COMPANIES WITHOUT PAYING FOR SHARES !

We can transform any user of our platform in to a MILLIONAIRE !

The biggest wish of a human on the planet  is to be FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT ! Very few people reach this goal in their lifetime. Why is that ?

  • Very few people have the entrepreneurial spirit
  • Few people who have the entrepreneurial spirit, don't have the right tools and financial possibility to start its own Company
  • On the way is known today, to be entrepreneur and to become FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT is like climbing Mt. Everest
  • It is so frustrating for those "entrepreneurial spirit persons" to have some brilliant business ideas, some ideas that can change the world in some ways, and they have only one choice to make : TO WAIT ! How long ? Nobody knows...Maybe years, maybe never happen. What about this huge number of people who are not entrepreneurial spirit ? How they become FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT unless they have wealthy parents? What the chances are for those persons to succeed in their life, to step on the level of being FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT ? The chances are close to NONE ! This category of people are the huge majority of the population. On those categories of people we are  counting on :
  • Any person from those two categories ( 95+ % of the world population ) can become FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT with or without being entrepreneur .  

This huge problem for 95+ % of the world population has not been solved and will never be solved entirely . But we can work together to reduce the huge 95+% . Here are some reasons why this problem is still there :

  •   The absence of one perfect online platform who can help and back NOT ONLY THE ENTREPRENEURS, but also NON ENTREPRENEURIAL PERSONS
  • Every platform like Kickstarter are focus on entrepreneurs only !

We have a solution to that :

To create a Business Network Platform who can help and fully sustain any platform user to become FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT !

We can be the only Business Network Platform who will pay back our users. They will make us successful, We will make them successful !


Three categories of users :

  1. Investors / VC / angels
  2. Entrepreneurs with great business ideas
  3. Regular people / platform users

1.  Investors / VC / angels

Our goal is to create the biggest Investor data base on our platform, divided on location and business categories. 

Those investors will have their "virtual office" in our platform and they will be ready anytime to interview any entrepreneur to evaluate his project / business plan.

Also the investors will have their chance to put on our platform any "project type" they might be interested to invest in, so the entrepreneurs can be "extended arms" of the investors, he can prove that he have all the "asking tasks"  and the right team to put the investor requested project to work.

2. Entrepreneurs

  • The entrepreneur will display his project on the idea phase on our platform
  • Among with this idea, the entrepreneur will display his "needs list" in order to accomplish and to transform the idea in to a great and attractive project for the investors.
  • On the "needs list" , our entrepreneur will display the positions ( professionals people) needed to help the entrepreneur to succeed with his project. ( Ex. : For a real estate project, the entrepreneur will need one architect, one marketing person, one construction engineer) .
  • On the conventional way, our entrepreneur have to pay big amount of money to have those specialists services in his hand, even before the financing is secured !
  • On our way, the entrepreneur have to share percentage of his future real estate business (project) in order to get all the professional help, without paying cash !  

3. Regular Platform Users

  • Those "regular users" are the people who regular visit our platform.
  • They are not entrepreneurs, they don't have entrepreneurial spirit and they are not investors also.
  • But they can become FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT by participating as a "specialist on something" at one / multiple entrepreneurs projects.
  • This way our Platform User can accumulate shares in one / multiple future Companies
  • Any person on the planet is a specialist ( experience or/and qualification) on something...
  • The user only have to chose one project from his area of expertise and to participating at this.

Our entrepreneur will fill up his "needs list" with specialists from our regular users and together with those specialists start working at a project in order to present their project on the investors section on our platform.

At this stage, any of the participating person on the project have a share on the future business.

The new created team (called nucleus) will work together, do brainstorming together, put their best in to the table in order to create the best and the most attractive project to be presented to investor/s .

People love this story ! They believe in this !

  • Andrei - Brasov :  " This is fantastic idea ! I want to be first user on your platform ! "
  • Lucian - Brasov : " What a brilliant idea ! I am asking myself how come there is no other platform like this one ,who can help its users to be FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT ? "
  • Silviu - San Francisco, USA :  " Wooow ! This is something else Cornel ! This platform have all the chances to become "the next big thing . As I know you and your ambition, this project will be a huge success ! "
  • Catalin - Brasov :  " I have two - three  projects idea ready to be presented on to your platform soon is ready ! This is genial idea ! "
  • 100 more people have the same positive opinion on our idea / project . I asked 100 persons what they think of this project and they just love this platform ! People understand its potential !   

This is our ecosystem

  • 95+% of the world population. People who want to become FINANCIAL INDEPENDENT
  • Investors around the world who want to place their capital in to some of the most successful projects for the future, together with some of the most ambitious entrepreneurs
  •  Entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas

  • Banks / Financial institutions around the world
  • Business lawyers around the world
  • Business advisers around the world specialized on different types of business in different parts of the world
  • YOU as a investor in this platform, and ME as entrepreneur of this platform

This is our secret sauce and why we will win !

With all my respect and appreciation for any investor in this platform, I do have one of the best and finest sauce who will make this platform not only to be world known and appreciate, but also one of the most use Business Platform .

Just like Mr. Steve Jobs was famous protector of his products before launching , I cannot reveal the most secret recipe of my finest sauce !

However, I can guarantee there is one of the most finest recipe who will pull us to 100% guarantee success !

Respect Mr. Steve Jobs !

Our Business model is simple

  • 2017 - winter /spring : Launching in USA
  • 2018 : 1 Million users
  • 2019 : 5 - 10 Million users . Expanding worldwide ( Europe, Asia, Australia and the rest )
  • 2020 : IPO Company
  • 2021 : 100 Million Users ( using my top secret strategy )
  • We will make the people awaiting for our Company to be operational in their area, just like Uber did.
  • We charge 5% of the amount of capital invested in any start-up from our platform
  • We charge an extra 4% as "transaction fee"
  • We will have the option to change the 4% "transaction fee" , not be payed when the transaction is made, with 4% stake on any Company we chose and they agree.  

Our distribution is solid

This is our sales channels . Here is our funnel :

  • One of the most important channel is the secret strategy I have who will make our platform to be worldwide well known
  • We will also use all the existing social media channels
  • We will use all the business best bloggers to promote our Business Platform
  • We will use the most important business newspapers and magazines with interviews, presentations.
  • We will use important people, opinion maker persons, leaders of large community. We will make those people understand how important this Platform is for the people .
  • We will encourage the users to invite all of their friends from real life / social media to the Platform. Will make special bonuses ( unlock some paid futures from our platform for those who bring a certain number of users on our platform.
  • Before grand opening, we will have already placed in our platform virtual office of thousands of investors  waiting for our Entrepreneurs and Regular users to present their projects.

What we've done so far

Developing idea :

  • We develop the full idea from the A to Z.
  •  We tried to eliminate all the possible mistakes from this phase
  • We've put ourselves in to the Entrepreneur ,Investor and Regular User shoe to see what action we will take if this platform  exist.
  • We've asked ourselves if we will use a platform like this one, if there is any platform like this one available. The answer is : YES

Do the research and start finding seed investment :

  • We asked 100 people known and unknown what is their opinion on this platform. All of their answers was: Wow, brilliant ! I will use it !
  •  We did research to see our competitors online.
  •  We start contacting investors for seed investment in our platform
  •  We do research on the channels we want to sale our product
  •  We have been in contact already with couple investors who are seems to be interested in our Platform.  

Find the right team to start working :

  • We start searching for technical team to work on the platform
  • We already secure one experienced programmer and we are looking for other one at the moment.
  • We do interviews at the moment for one more specialist
  • We talked and secured other two persons to work for Platform NOT as IT specialists . We pretty much have all team prepared . 

Begin the work at the Platform :

  • I agree with other co-founder to start working at the Platform on the same time we are looking for seed investment
  • Just few days ago we begin working at this brilliant Business Platform.

Here is the team

Cornel MARIN

CEO / Founder

  • Serial entrepreneur
  • 15 years experience as successful entrepreneur
  • 16 years marriage / 1 child
  • Email :  marin.cornel@gmail.com
  • Tel. : +40 770 579641
  • Skype :  cornelproperties



Founder / Technical Director

  • 16 years IT specialist
  • programmer / network administrator
  • Serial Project Manager
  • 14 years marriage / 1 child
  • Email :  lucian.curelaru@gmail.com
  • Tel :  +40 740 410228

Here is the plan

  • 2017 Winter / Spring Launching the Platform in USA
  • Growth the platform using Social Media Network and the best Business bloggers, also interview at the biggest newspapers and business magazines
  • 2018 -  1 Million users
  • Soon after we reach 1 Million users, I will use my "secret weapon", my real success recipe who will explodes the traffic and popularity of our Platform
  • 2019 - 5 to 10 Million users
  • 2020 - Take the Company to IPO
  • 2022 -  The Company will rich 100 Million users and the valuation of the Company will be 5 to 10 Billion USD

Here is the Business Plan page 1

We look to secure Seed Round Investment at this time .

The amount of Seed Investment we need for next one - one and half year is  500.000 - 1M Euro

We are able to give in exchange for this Investment 10-15% equity on our Company.

In order to minimize  operation cost of the Platform, we will keep the technical part of the website in Romania. As is well known, in Romania are one of the best IT specialist in the world.

The wages for IT specialists are still low comparable with the same qualified persons from any other part of the wold.

Usually the wages for IT specialists are 1/3 compare to USA , Western Europe. We have to take advantage of this huge difference.

Also, the renting fee for office space in Romania is 1/2 compare to USA.

Here is the Business Plan page 2

  • Initial cost of the platform :  50.000 to 80.000 Euro
  • Time to finalize the Platform to be Operational :  6-8 months
  • The cost per year to operate the Platform , with Romania and USA office :  230.000 - 250.000 Euro / year for first year , and 300.000 - 400.000 Euro / year after first year.
  • With Seed Investment we want to secure building the Platform and Operation cost for 1,5 - 2 years when we will be ready for Serie A Founding.
  • Serie A Founding will be between 5 - 10 Million Euro

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