Hi, My name is Madeline kelly and I'm going to be telling you about sports in ancient Egypt and in ancient Rome.

What could we do to make our lives more interesting and fun😩? That is the questionAncient Rome and ancient Egypt had to ask themselves. That is when they thought of sports.😱 sports made life easier and more fun and, they still have the same effect today.👍

The ancient Egyptians and Africans created a lot of new sports to entertain them. For example, a lot of the sports they played included: hockey, marathons, swimming, boxing, and also wrestling.

Rome had a lot of the same sports like hockey and racing. But the two sports, gymnasia and palaestrae, were influenced by Greeks. There was also chariot racing which was a big sport.

The following sports helped also to pass time in Ancient Rome.🕑

The ancient Roman and Egyptian sports are different than modern sports.

Today we use better supplies to be more safe because a lot of times people were killed.

 Even though there are many differences between ancient sports and modern sports, it would be foolish not to acknowledge that ancient sports affected sports today.

Mostly all of the sports now were there in ancient times, but they are alike and different in multiple ways.

Our world could not function without sports that is why we have to thank our ancestors for making the world a better place,A place that we could have fun while having a little competition. Or going to your first Gymnastics competition .It is all apart of the fun.In conclusion, sports have been an important part of our civilized society for centuries now, they make our world a more fun and interesting place to live. Ancient African sports and ancient Roman sports, while alike and different in many ways, have influenced what we know of sports today.

Informational Websites

Here is a website if you want to know more about ancient sports


Thank you!!

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