Boxing in Aruba 

Boxing originated:

Boxing was originated by the Greeks, 688 BC was the first time boxing was entered in the Olympics.The Greeks believed that fist fighting was one of the games played through the gods. Boxing originated when a person first lifted a fist against another in play.

What is boxing?

Boxing is where two people go into a ring and hit each other with different combinations of punches. Each punch is worth a different amount of points. Boxers are paired up with another person the same weight or around the same weight as the other person. 

Olympic Boxing:

Olympic boxing has six different types of equipment that is needed during a match Mouthpiece, Apron,Boxing glove,Canvas,Head guard,Ring.These are needed to protect each boxer from the hard punches and the hard falls that they have during the match. 


The main goal in boxing is to knock your opponent onto the canvas if they stay down for longer then ten seconds then that would be called a KO. There would be a referee in the ring at all times making the calls, like if there were to be illegal shots being made then there would be points taken away from the one who had thrown the punch.Say they were to through  rabbit punch hit under the belt and you have to protect yourself at all times.

Length of match:

In  Aruba boxing matches are usually as long as 10 three minute rounds. If you fail to protect yourself at all times there will be penitently called on you.  Boxing in Aruba is no different then in the U.S.A. 

Facts about Aruba:

Is a tiny Dutch Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela,with English, Dutch and Spanish spoken alongside the local coast. Things that may surprise you about Aruba are that it is on of has one of most ethnically diverse  populations in the word,On a clear day, you can see Venezuela.Aruba has the most sunny days of any island in the Caribbean.

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