Luge in Italy 

 A luge is a sled for one or  two people that sit in the sled and coast down a chute.

Luge first started in 800 A.D when the vikings created the Luge sled.They first started sliding down the sides of mountains in Olsofjord, and from there on it has become a compotition

When you are going down the luge run only 1 to 2 people can participate at once.

In men's and women's luge each team takes 4 runs down the track.All the times are added together and the fastest total time is the winner.The competition takes up two days just to finish racing and determining the winner.Also on the second day they do track your endurance and consistency.  

The length the luge usually lasts is close to two days to complete.

Scoring occurs depending on the time it takes you to get you to cross the gates at the end. For example if I had 20 seconds for my time, and my opponent had a time of 15 seconds then they would get more points because they had a faster time.

The length of a luge track is 1,450 meters long.The track is 1,450 meters for the women's double luge runs.

The tactic(point) of luge is to get the fastest time going down the luge run.

Also some of the penalties you can get in luge are by going off sides, and failing to follow up their teammates.  

luge has changed over time. It has changed by the rules and penalties,Also with gear and safety equipment.Today we use all these 

Some pieces of equipment for luge are Gloves with grips,A helmet,pod,A Racing Suit,And special will need special equipment to make sure you are safe during this sport, Also it helps to keep you warm at the high speeds and frigid temperature's.  

There are different leauges in Luge. There are leauges like world cup , And the FIL world luge championships 

Luge has changed in many ways since it first originated. its safety gear has changed over time . it has changed because way back when the vikings invented luge they did not have all of the technology like we do today , so they did not relize how dangerous luge really was. Today we can do research and  we realize how dangerous it is , and we have more advanced padding and helmets and gear than just leather and fur like the vikings. 

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Luge From Italy

by 22ccnitto


Public - 4/12/16, 5:28 PM