Archery in Finland

By: Gavin Barse

Archery in Finland originated in 1951 in the country of Helsinki.  It then moved to Finland.  The sport is played by shooting a bow and arrow and trying to hit a circle with points listed on it.   

The major rules of Archery in Finland are the waiting line, shooting line, and target line.

The waiting line is a line that keeps archers in a designated waiting area.

The shooting line is a mark where archers stand when they are actually shooting their bows.  

The target line is a line about 3-4 ft. in front of the targets, which acts as a "speed bump" for younger archers.

Usually just two people can play at a time in Finland Archery.  One against the other.  

There are usually 20 ends (rounds) to a single game.  Each end lets an archer shoot three arrows.

Point values range from the outer white ring to the inner gold ring.  The points range from 1 to 10.  For a higher score, you must pierce the arrow between the two circles.  

The field dimensions for an indoor game of Archery are pretty simple.  The distance from the shooting line to the target varies from 18 meters to 25 meters.

In an outdoor game of Archery, the distance from the shooting line to the target goes up to 30 to 90 meters.

The basic strategies of Archery is to try and aim your bow and arrow for the highest point value possible.  If you can pierce the arrow between the gold and white circles, you will have a high score and that will help you along the pace of the game.  Another key strategy is to get your arrow on the target circle.  You do not want to miss the circle completely! 

The main article of equipment is the bow and arrow.  However, there are many kinds of bow and arrows.

There are compound bows, crossbows, and cable-backed bows.  The difference in the arrows is mainly how pointy or how big they are.

As far as leagues come for Finland Archery, there is the Finland Archery Club for amateur archers. 

There is also a professional Archery league in Finland called Wilhelm Tell Helsinki.  This is for the best archers around Finland.

As far as penalties and fouls go for Archery in Finland, there are none.  You must follow the shooting line, waiting line, and target line but other than that there are no fouls or penalties.  

The game has changed from earlier year to now by mainly the equipment.  The technology has grown in Archery so there are more extreme bows and arrows than in the earlier years.  The field dimensions are the same and the rules are the same.  


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